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It is indeed a most attractive plant, with neat silvery mats of grey-green downy foliage, which in the summer is covered in abundance with deep pink cloverheads.

It prefers a well drained, dry position in full sun and flowers through the summer.

Here is an excellent plant for a hot dry position in a raised bed or wall.

This has been a great success with me in the corner of this raised bed.

There are some outstandingly beautiful, choice and rare species that will tax the skill of many alpine gardeners; and although is not as choice and beautiful as some, it is still a charming and worthy alpine plant.

I doubt you will come across this in most garden centres and will have to diligently search the lists of specialist nurseries to acquire it! Allium is a very large genus of around 750 species and includes the various edible onions, garlics, chives, and leeks.

It is an outstanding dwarf shrubby plant that originated around 1910 in the then famous garden belonging to the late Miss Ellen Willmott at Great Warley in Essex.

It grows to a height of about 18 centimeters and flowers from May to August.

It produces stems 17–59 centimetres (7-23 in) tall, which are concavely triangular in cross-section.

Each stem produces an umbel inflorescence of 4-19 flowers in January–May in the species' native environment.

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